The Battle We face

Every day an average of 20 to 22 Veterans take their own life. We need more awareness around this tragedy and more support from our fellow Americans. Our goal is to come together to decrease that number, if not erase it entirely. With your help, we can accomplish this mission!



We are happy to announce the launch of the long awaited "Survivor Week" PTSD Program with True Life Well Being Center in San Diego, CA.
Please visit the RUCK for 22 Razoo Fundraising page and donate to help provide free PTSD treatment to our Veterans!

RUCK FOR 22 Inc. is a

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Why is this happening?

Veterans across the United States struggle with being back in society every day. Common forms of this stress are known as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Veterans are often asked why they can't move on or my personal favorite, you were in war over 10 years ago....why does it still bother you?

Studies in PTSD have come a long way but anyone who has endured a mental hardship still thinks that you never truly move on, you just adapt. Many Veterans find it very hard to adapt. Our humor is often different from civilians because of our experiences and our views are forever changed after spending time at war. Some feel so out of place during the struggle of trying to adapt that they think taking their own life is just an easier way.

Taking your own life is NOT the answer. And you no longer have to just adapt, there is help. There are many organizations, support groups, and fellow Veterans and service members who are willing to listen and lend a hand. We know that when someone is to the point where taking their life seems like the best option, they are not in the mood to "reach out". That is why it is OUR duty to raise awareness and reach out to them! If you know a Veteran or service member, tell them thank you and tell them you love them! Those simple words will go a long way!

If you are a Veteran who has been struggling and somehow stumbled upon this page, then someone is looking out for you! Contact us, join us, and get back in the fight because life is not's a fun ride and we can do it together!

For everyone else, WE CANNOT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW TO HELP. By this same time tomorrow, 22 more Veterans will have died. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars claimed approximately 6,000 lives in 14 years. Over the next 14 years, approximately 100,000 Veterans will take their own life.