Ruck for 22 Bat Spin Challenge

RCK for 22 BAT SPIN CHALLENGE Instructions

  1. Make a $5 donation to www.ruckfor22.org to Help End Veteran suicide.

  2. Film a video of you completing the #batspinchallenge.

  3. Start your video with the following introduction,
    “I am (Name) and I am here to help End Veteran Suicide with the Ruck for 22 bat spin challenge.”

  4. Complete 10 spins
    Creative Ideas-
    - Wear something funny
    - Increase difficulty, but safely. (multiple people, near water, etc)
    - Add funny music
    - Add effects
    - HAVE FUN!!!

  5. Post your video to social media.

  6. Nominate 3 new friends to participate in the challenge

  7. Share with everyone and have fun!

***If you are nominated and do not wish to complete the bat spin portion, you can opt out with a $20 donation and then share the instruction video and nominate 3 new participants.