Our Mission

"End Veteran Suicide!" 
We will accomplish this goal by reducing the number of suicides per day until there are none.

Our Program: “Survivor Week”

We are providing a 5 day outpatient program that offers free PTSD and mTBI counseling services to any Veteran or Active Duty Service member.  RUCK for 22 hosts this program quarterly in San Diego, CA through our partner at True Life Well Being. We place 6-10 applicants into our program at a time while covering the airfare, lodging, food, counseling, and team activities. After each day, we engage in fun activities like hiking, surf lessons, rock climbing, kayaking, paintballing and more! This is a great opportunity to be around like minded individuals and share the camaraderie that we have known and miss from our time in service.

Click to visit the True Life Well Being website.

Click to visit the True Life Well Being website.


Our Family

We are a family here at Ruck for 22 and every soldier who has fought for our freedom is our family as well! After successful completion of our program, we will continue to follow up for one year to continue with your recovery. You will be paired with our outreach coordinator or a fellow vet through our mentorship program to help you find local resources in your area. We take care of our own and we stand behind the military motto, “No man left behind”.

Our Goal

As we continue to garner more public support and fundraising, it is our goal to host the 5 day program every month to reach more veterans who need help.

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Housing for Military, Veterans, and their Families

We are currently expanding our offerings to help create sustainable and affordable housing for Military, Veterans, and their Families. Although housing is not directly related to PTSD from time in service, we acknowledge that in today's society, housing costs and rising prices directly relate to high levels of stress which can amplify one's PTSD symptoms. If we can help to lower your cost of living while providing a community of growth, then we can help your steps on a path to recovery. 

We are heavily focused on writing grants and raising funds to make this a reality. Our goal is to purchase land and build affordable multi-housing units that will be sold at a reduced price versus the current market in our areas. Please check back soon for more information.



Veteran Charity Resources: One Unit Program

We have a vision of connecting all Vets with organizations that provide “Complementary Alternative Medicine” to help you on the road to recovery utilizing any means that may suit you. Do you like to ride a bike, work with horses, train a service dog, or learn a trade like farming?

There are many organizations across the U.S. that most people don't know exist. These organizations have had a phenomenal success rate with helping veterans and service members through PTSD and other service related issues. This alternative medicine style is different from traditional therapy and with the help of our outreach coordinator, you can find something near you that will hopefully peak your interests.



Our Vision and Goals

It is the goal of us here at Ruck for 22, Inc. to open our own facility here in California. The same support and counseling services offered through our partners at True Life Well Being will be offered directly through our organization. We are looking to partner with other non-profit charities in the Veteran and Military community to expand our offerings. While we specialize in the counseling and therapy side of getting back on track, we would like to partner with organizations that assist in community engagement, physical activity, and outreach. Our vision is to pull together a collective group of organizations to give the best care to our Veterans at the mental, physical, and emotional levels and succeeding in life post military.