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November 10-11, 2016

We are taking on this journey while marching approximately 50 miles over 2 days. We encourage everyone participating to register online before the deadline to save a spot as final details can be completed. This is our time to come together and march for a cause that so many of us hold close to our hearts. Are you ready to take on this march for our fallen brothers and sisters?

We recommend that everyone participating to start walking 5 miles a day, 5 days a week if you haven't already. Also check out the supply list to find out what to bring and what will be provided to you. This will be a great time to enjoy a few days with fellow Veterans, Military, and supporters. Once the mission is complete, you are free to explore the many things San Francisco has to offer or return home knowing that you supported this great cause.

• Training Tip •

Walk 5 miles per day 5 days a week

This will help build endurance and stamina needed for the long march.

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Sacramento Capitol Building
1315 10th Street

Launching Ceremony 7am
Step off at 8am

Checkpoint #1

The first stop will be Dutch Bros Coffee in Davis, CA. Here we will take a 10-15 minute rest, refuel our bodies with nutrients, assess troop morale and then continue.

Dutch Bros- 980 Olive Dr., Davis, CA 95616


Checkpoint #2

Checkpoint two will be at a food court in Dixon, CA. Same as the first stop, it will give everyone a chance to refuel, rest, and change clothing/socks as needed. (20-30 minutes)

115 E Dorset Dr., Dixon, CA 95620

Checkpoint #3

Stop and stay over night at Courtyard Marriott.

120 Nut Tree Parkway, Vacville, CA 95687


Mission Start/ Day 2

Get up, stretch, and move out!
We will depart from Travis Air taking transit to Bay Bridge in Emeryville, CA.

Breakfast at 6am then Step Off at 6:30am

Checkpoint # 1

Arrive in Emeryville and start final 10 mile march to Fisherman's Wharf accross the Bay Bridge.


Rally Point

After marching across the bay bridge, we will link up with the San Francisco Veteran’s Day parade. We should have approx 30 minutes of rest before the parade starts.

The Parade

This is the final leg our our journey. We will participate in the San Francisco Veteran’s Day parade and thank all of our supporters!