Medical Specialist(s)
Description: Medical assistant to check the health of participants during the march. Preferable if you had medical supplies, could obtain an oxygen tank, IV, etc. Please include experience and supplies available in the message.

Large Van Driver
Description: Able driver to operate a large white van during the march to meet the participants at the checkpoints. You will travel with the medical team and pick up participants unable to continue if necessary. Must possess a valid drivers license.

Product Stand Associate(s)
Description: Need a person who is very outgoing and good with the public to help sell products on site before launching the march. Must be honest, able to spread the word, and promote Ruck for 22 gear.

Company Outreach Specialist(s)
Description: Looking for people who are comfortable on the phone contacting local businesses to partner with and provide services. Also will need to contact fellow charities within the same space to establish working partnerships and create opportunities.

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