Business Partnership Coordinator

We are looking for a strong minded individual or persons to contact local businesses within the San Diego region for partnership opportunities with our charity. Your job will be to establish contact with companies that provide services that can be related to our cause. An example of this would be to contact a local van rental/shuttle service to get charity pricing and compare against competitor offers to get the best rate for our veterans. You will also be contacting companies for ongoing activities for the members who participate in our ‘Survivor Week’ program. The main function is to get services at the lowest cost possible, if not free. Please inquire within for more details and time commitment requirements.

Communications Manager

The primary function of this role will be to reply to all incoming emails and calls. We will establish a phone and voicemail system directly for this role and route all emails from the website to your inbox. Your job will be to reply to all messages within a timely manner, providing the inquiries with the information they seek, and helping to establish a strong connection within our communities. Please inquire within for more details and training.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

The primary function of this role will be to help the CEO and board members stay organized with the compliance documents, board meeting minutes, invoicing, financial information, and billing. This role is not intended to serve the financial role of staying organized with donors, inflows and outflows, and payroll so do not worry if finance is not your strong suit. However, if you are competent in running financial spreadsheets, we will need help in the future so please mention that in your application. This is one of the few volunteer opportunities that will become a part time paid position as we achieve our goals around fundraising.

Fundraising Account Manager
Paid Position (1099)

This position is open to anyone looking for a second source of income as it is not a full time job. Earnings potential can be very high for those willing to work hard for our charity. We have designed a compensation plan that pays 1% commission up to $1,000,000 in donations. Example: You help the charity bring in a corporate donor for $1,000,000, your commission is $10,000. Your role will be to complete grant funding applications, make phone calls, send emails, and do whatever it takes to spread the mission and values of our charity and help with the overall fundraising. Tap into your personal contacts or start from scratch. Whatever road you chose is yours as long as you are dedicated and acting in respect of the charity.Hungry sales personnel are strongly encouraged to apply.

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